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Skilz & Pkin Art Collab @ Free Play Richardson May 2018


Wow wee! What a year it's been since our last post! If you haven't caught one of our art shows yet, don't worry there's still plenty more to come 👾⚡️🕹

This past May was our 2nd Artist Collaboration Show held at Free Play Arcade in Richardson, TX. This fun show featured artists Skilz and Pkin (myself) with artwork inspired by video games - it certainly was a show after your own gamer heart! The show was a huge success thanks to all our supporting fans. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the overwhelming fun combo of arcade games and art - we forgot to capture all the cool nifty moments - catch us on the next event to get a the whole scoop plus FREEBIES!!

Some of the artwork is still up for sale - please private message me if you are interested!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the art community in the past, present, and future. We certainly appreciate your loyalty and passion for the arts.

Please be sure to check out our new must-have prints in the shop section of our site!

We hope to launch many more shows & products to come, stay tuned folks!

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