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'The Rich Beggar' Print now available!

I saw a beggar outside our hotel in Barcelona once, I snapped a photo of her from the bus. I hope she didn't cast a gypsy curse on me...

"Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar."


This design was a piece I submitted in 2010 during a Valentine's Day art exhibit. The Kunstallationist's Art Show was held in Addison in 2010 for Valentine's Day.

Artists were to follow the prompt, "V-DAY IS...."

I always thought Valentine's day was over-rated, commercialized and often overlooked by society in terms of true love and compassion. Seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to travel through parts of Europe with my family. One of the mornings, I sat on a bus overlooking the sidewalk entrance to our hotel in Barcelona. There stood an old woman beggar right outside my window, she had the most peaceful smile on her face. The weather was dingy and cold, I was experiencing a massive hangover from the night before (hey, I was a young twenty something), and I was ever-so-looking-forward to the next few hours of excursions and 'fun-filled history facts' ahead of us . But despite all the fighting elements, I felt peace when I looked at her.

I tried to find the original picture of the beggar woman, but blast! it's been too many years and my poor record keeping didn't help. If I find it I shall update, otherwise, here's a few snapshots I managed.

The Rich Beggar.


Acrylic on canvas


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