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Calling all Foodies & Art Aficionados

Printer Proofs are finally here, Hooray! Come grab yourself some hot loot.

Thanks to the EAT SHOW for hosting such a great food adventure experience. For those of you that are unfamiliar, it's an event hosted in Los Angeles, California with over fifty restaurants, countless food industry establishments, and an open bar. I thoroughly stuffed my face with pork belly, ramen, super fresh tuna, Brazilian steak, truffles, chicken & waffles, nitro-frozen popcorn, fantastical cocktails, etc. BUTT, I won't bore you with the details. I was so busy trying all the goodies, I only managed to snag this ONE, amazing picture of this succulent pork belly in art form from Brixton. Please feel free to submit any photos if you attended the event, although you should really only submit your favorite. >)

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