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Dallas Riverfront Popup Event 03/11/2017

Thank you to all who attended/shared/liked/donated towards our event this past Saturday at Taboo Lounge Dallas in the design district. We had an awesome turnout, so blessed! We couldn't have done it without all of our fans, family, and friends to support us. Thank you to Mader Food Co. for giving me this opportunity to involve myself with the community as well as collaborating with multiple artists. This event featured talented chefs, artists, musicians, the venue, and vendors alike. Proceeds from the raffle went towards the Color Me Empowered organization - which empowers at-risk children while improving neglected communities through public art by providing educational workshops, projects, and summer camp programs. ​

Showcasing Creatives


Chef Fry

Taco Fiesta Catering


Mad Monkey Innovations

Devin McCullough


Mijee Park

Leon The Pro

DJ Tang

DJ Mike B

Raffle piece

^Singing in the background is Krhys doing a cover of "Somebody Else" by The 1975, guitar playing by Tex.

Raffle Winner!

Raffle Winner!

Raffle winner!

​My family has been super supportive and my #1 fans!! I can't thank them enough <3

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