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Moving Forward. is finally here!

We're very excited about the launch of the new website and all the upcoming, fun events to come! Thank you to all of our supporters and future fans. We will do our best to bring you updates and access to all of our cool products very soon...

For those of you that know me, it's a given that I loveeee food, and food loves me. You can find me at the upcoming Eat Show in Los Angeles this October 1st, perfect for food enthusiasts. Not only will I be stuffing my face plus an excuse to travel, but I'll be sporting my new t-shirt -- design inspired in honor of this culinary tasting event. Please check back soon to grab yours!

Meanwhile, I interrupted Chauncey's afternoon nap session for an impromptu photo session just for this blog post and all his special fans, A.K/\.A. Mister Grumpy Pants. I am the luckiest pancake. #stinkeye #bulldoglife

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