Installing mural work in your business or home is easy! Our in-house artist, Skilz, offers original and creative designs specified for your needs. Our mediums can consist of aerosol, latex, or acrylic paint - pair that with over 20 years of experience and a lightening fast paint process! Contact us for a quote!



Joe "Skilz" is co-founder of Art Loot 52 and a self-taught graffiti artist with over 20 years of experience in mural work and design. He is known best for his imaginative, playful characterizations that are highly stylized in graffiti notes. Mentored and influenced heavily by his peers, his inspiration often stems from past experiences and encourages others who view his art to think outside the box. You can see his murals scattered throughout the city focusing in areas such as Deep Ellum, Arlington, and other various DFW Cities.

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