Joe "Skilz" is co-founder of Art Loot 52 and a self-taught graffiti artist with over 20 years of experience in mural work and design. He is known best for his imaginative, playful characterizations that are highly stylized in graffiti notes. Mentored and influenced heavily by his peers, his inspiration often stems from past experiences and encourages others who view his art to think outside the box. You can see his murals scattered throughout the city focusing in areas such as Deep Ellum, Arlington, and other various DFW Cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of medium do you use?

High quality aerosol spray paint. This type of paint is durable,  quick drying and versatile for indoor/outdoor use. The paint can last several years depending on exposure to weather conditions. 

How long does a mural project take?

Timelines vary heavily on the size and detail of the project. Typical mural projects can take anywhere from one day to one week.

Will I see a sketch beforehand?

Not necessarily, contracts will vary depending on the client's  individual needs. There will be an approval process prior to beginning any projects. A sketch is optional and can require an additional deposit. 

Do I need permission for my mural project?

You will need the building owner's permission to paint on the building indoors or outdoors. Check with your local county for any permits or signage law requirements. 

Do you perform live painting events?

Yes. Contact us for details. 

Past Clients & Projects


3 Nations Brewery

Free Play Arcades

Stanley Korshak

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth | KDAF Television

Dallas Mavericks

The Nines Deep Ellum, TX

Red Bull

Indio Beer

Bing Box Dallas 

Tempest Free Running

Deep Ellum Open Studios             

Arts Goggle Festival

Featured in D Magazine 2018

42 Murals Project

Vinyl Thoughts 

Beats, Rhymes & Relief